What is a Giclee print? The word Giclee is French for spray. Iris Giclee printing is the high quality standard for printing single or limited edition pieces on paper or canvas. The process lowers the cost and expands the creative resources for artists to produce very high quality works. Physically, the Giclee prints are made of 100% natural dyes on a variety of well known, heavy cotton papers and canvases. The prints are created by spraying millions of droplets of dye onto your choice of fine art material (we use canvas). Artists and art buyers appreciated the feel of the prints, and are impressed with their extremely high detail and brilliant color saturation.

In many cases, the print is indistinguishable from the original art work. Almost all of our works are done as limited editions and are signed and numbered. Ink and paper permanence is generally in the 65 to 100 year range, assuring no fading under normal light conditions.




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